Review ofSastra

The Beauty and Terror of Life

“‘Sastra is a beautiful, moving and inspiring novel created by a gifted, sensitive and intelligent writer. It follows the life of a woman struggling to find her own wings, to fly from birth through schooling, university education abroad, marriage, motherhood, widowhood and self sufficiency as a single parent.

It is a novel about love; intense love which crashes the boundaries of conventional reason. It is a novel of pain and loss and anguish which threatens to crush the human spirit. It is a novel of human courage and sacrifice. It is a novel of change and of coming to grips with the relentless inevitability of change. It is a novel of the beauty and the terror of life itself. It is a novel which celebrates the triumph of the individual human will.

The novel juxtaposes complex contending opposites such as fate and free will; tradition and modernity; love and duty; prophesy and possibility; community and individual; security and risk; reason and passion; now and tomorrow; the past and the future."