Review ofFor the Love of my Name

The Silent Consent of Intellectuals

“Honest, fearless and also generous, this is the book for the millennium, one to shake comfortable assumptions of rectitude into recognition of the abyss into which some of us may fall while others fail to care. I couldn’t put it down.

It is also, in a sense a book which marks the maturing of Caribbean Literature.

She has not been afraid to challenge the politics of development. And she has let nothing pass. How many of us have really pursued to their logical conclusions our secret worries about the Jones Town Massacre in Guyana?

The text holds lessons which are universal. It is a critique which should ring a warning bell in university campuses wherever ethnic prejudices are allowed to go unchallenged. The reader is constantly catching breath, brought up short not only by the strength and conviction of the views expressed but by the courage which it takes to voice them.”